So Who Am I?


I am Eileen Burns a highly empathic sensitive, healer, coach and therapist who has been studying healing and holistic wellbeing for 25 years

I help sensitives and empaths like you

who are struggling with the challenges of  their sensitivity.

Turn your sensitivity into their greatest gift, inner wisdom,

Turn your sensitivity into your greatest strength and confidence.


I teach and support you HOW to


Become more empowered

How to love and honour yourself.

How to nurture healthier boundaries.

My Own Healing Journey


 I began studying as a healer over 25 years ago, whilst chronically ill in my early twenties which left me predominately house and bedbound for many years.

During this time I started studying meditation and reiki and various forms of personal development and holistic wellbeing. Then various holistic therapies, counselling, stress management and coaching which included training as a stress advisor, life coach and cbt practitioner to university level.

I became very fortunate to spend a large part of 16 years working as a holistic and stress management trainer/teacher/therapist to the local education, health and charity sector. Alongside my work as healer/therapist and coach.

After surviving life threatening sepsis over 4 years ago. I developed further health challenges including rare neurological complications and extreme noise and light sensitivity which included a complex movement disorder, non epileptic seizures.

But despite these challenges I daily inspire, motivate and empower others especially sensitives

How to live their passion and purpose

How to transform their life

How to own and shine their Soul’s Essence



My Journey As An Empath And HSP


I know how challenging it can be as a highly sensitive person and an empath.

From as young as I can remember I just seem to know or over identify with others feelings.

To such an extent that I thought that this was normal and what everyone experienced.

Most people who knew me well would described me as too sensitive, very caring and very generous. It wasn’t until I began learning more about myself through various modalities, disciplines and some amazing and inspiring teachers and healers.

Did I start to see much clearer how much being an empath and a sensitive had and was impacting my health and wellbeing.

in recent years my sensitivity to others energy field and emotions increased dramatically.

This has really pushed and guided me towards a much deeper spiritual journey

which has took me down so many paths of learning.

Giving me all sorts of healing, spiritual and energetic insights.


I journey I would never have imagined embarking on.




How I Can Help You


As a highly experienced healer, coach and stress management expert for many years.

 I teach HSP’s simple and easy steps how to free themself from disempowering energy

Free themself from chronic anxiety and stress.


My Qualifications & Training

University Certificates

•Advanced Stress Advisor*
•Stress Advisor*
•Cognitive Behaviour Therapy*
•Life & Spiritual Coaching


•Colour Therapy
•Flower Essences
•Indian Head Massage

Certificates, Courses & Training

•Traditional Usui Reiki 1& 2, Traditional Usui Reiki Master & Teacher

Managing Stress, Handling Stress, Laser Therapist – Stress, Weight, Addictions
Guided Visualisation for Therapeutic Use, Meditation & Relaxation Training, Transcendental Meditation, Quantum Entrainment, Connect Kids 1- Meditation,

Counselling Certificate, Counselling for M.E., Be M.E. Aware,

Infant Baby Massage Instructor,  Community Care, Health Issues in the Community Level 1 & 2
Youthwork, Groupwork skills

Anger Management, Assertiveness Training, Colour for Image, Colour Therapy, Time Management,

Ultimate Therapy Course – Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy,  Emmeagram

Psychology*, Cognitive Psychology*, Biological Psychology*