Manifesting Tools


Are You One Of Life’s Over Givers, Over Carers?

So Used To Giving Unconditionally?

But Struggle To Recieve?


So many empaths and highly sensitive people struggle to receive positive healthy abundance in many areas of their life?

They often struggle to attract health and financial abundance even emotional abundance?

They are very good at giving but not so good at receiving because of a lifetime of unhealthy conditioning, chronic unworthiness and over identification as the giver.

What if you could learn a way to surpass your

unconscious patterns of unworthiness, poverty or lack?

A tool to surpass  constant state of anxiety or stress

that helps you connect and manifest more soul based abundance

of what you really want and need?

5 Days  Meditation And Manifestation Experience

Access the recordings and material from my recent 5 Days Of Meditation and Manifestation Intensive Program

  • Learn how to experience deep stated of meditation

  • Learn how to connect to your soul desires

  • Learn how to manifest from the magic of stillness


Investment £47

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