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Why Your Sensitivity Can Be Your Greatest Strength

Why Your Sensitivity Can Be Your Greatest Strength

It Doesn’t Have To Be Your Biggest Struggle

For too long sensitivity, being a highly sensitive person has been viewed as weak, vulnerable, wrong, negative, something you need to overcome. It is not a flaw but a trait especially when 5% of us have it. I know when I was growing so many people viewed me as weak, vulnerable, pathetic, immature and I have grown up to be one of the most strongest, determined people I know.

Although we still live in a society that focuses on and makes more money on fakeness, fears, violence, drama, darkness, pain, materialism. Many people are waking up in more ways than one. And one way  we are waking up is owning our uniqueness, our unique gifts, unique traits and purpose.

Every single person on earth has a purpose and a gift and so have YOU. As an empath or highly sensitive person you may find it deeply challenging. Living in a modern world where chaos, confusing, distress and a toxic environment is the norm is not ideal for a HSP. But that doesn’t mean your sensitivity, life as a highly sensitive person has to be full of anxiety, stress or distress.

Your Sensitivity Is A Unique Gift

You can in-fact learn how to turn your greatest gifts, those natural traits into your super powers. You have been given these gifts for a reason. The key with everything in life is about utilising your gift, your set of tools the right way. A knife is a powerful tool for a cordon blu chef but he had to learn how to use it correctly and wisely.



 How To Turn Your Sensitivity Into Your Super Power

The biggest challenge a HSP or empath has is having the ability to own and utilise their gifts. To do that we have to remain centred and grounded, so we are less affected by the surroundings around us. As I explain in my last blog Why Highly Sensitive People Need To Ground More.

Another important tool that helps you remain calm, centred, more intuitive and more grounded aswell as being more detached from all those worries is meditation. Now I have studied meditation for over 25 years and 16 of those years I taught meditation to all ages. So don’t be put off if you have already tried and struggled. There are so many different types of meditation and ways to meditate. You just need the right technique and in many ways right teacher or way of learning. If you are very busy or get easily distracted I have a very simple and easy meditation that takes less than 5 minutes.

Another reason so many highly sensitive people struggle is their gifts make them great carers, mothers, nurturers. They get so busy supporting, nurturing, empowering and caring for others. That they spend very little time supporting, nurturing themself.  So they end up brunt out, exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed. They often attract takers not givers. So you are probably sitting with a half empty cup or less, depleted, fed up, frustrated or maybe lacking in passion for life. Very much disconnected from your self. Again the importance of meditation, self care and self nurturing.


Owning Your Highly Sensitive Gifts

You also need to start owning your gifts, appreciating your gifts, those things your great at, those things you find so easy to do.

You need to reignite that passion for life and reconnect with what fills you with JOY. Not what everyone else thinks you should be doing, what your heart and soul longs for you to do

Even if you can’t feel it BELIEVE ME you have your own unique gifts and a very special place in this world. You deserve to be happy, you deserve more.

Being a HSP gives you a much deeper wisdom, insight and intuition that many people would pay a lot, a lot of money for. When you learn how to tap into your gifts, you have an inner compass in life that can help you greatly in your personal, business and spiritual life.

Learn to Understand Your Sensitivity in my latest FREE Podcast Series. But for right now believe me, as a highly sensitive empath and a stress therapist for 18 years. I have supported many HSP’s

Your sensitivity doesn’t have to be your biggest struggle,

your sensitivity can be your biggest strength.

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8 thoughts on “Why Your Sensitivity Can Be Your Greatest Strength

  1. Yes! You describe very well the journey and rejuvenation I’ve been going through to shift my view of sensitivity to a sensational present and presence and also leaning in to joy and nurturing myself. I’m doing this to be an example for my sensitive son in addition to my own self discovery and delight. Writing about my experience, intuitive art, and expressive dancing have helped me!

    1. LOVE it Julia, the intuitive art and expressive dancing sound wonderful. I am planning some some creative art projects for my self care for sensitives group over the next few months. Will need to keep you in mind.

  2. I am finally learning and admitting some of these things. My body said stop and I couldn’t keep going at the pace I was for so long in helping others. I am realizing how important the self – care methods you mentioned are for me. Have recently started meditating for the first time recently – love Dr Joe Dispenza on meditation and what it did for him!

    1. Yes Rebekah, it can take time to really admit and learn what the body is really trying to tell is. Glad your enjoying your meditation practise. Meditation is what kept me sane over 30 years of chronic health challenges.

    1. Thanks Shelby. Many years ago I went looking for a meditation tool I could teach teenagers. And from this created my most popular 5 minute meditation with all ages and abilities. But even simply following your breath for a few minutes can help

  3. I only realized a few years ago that I’m highly sensitive. As a mom to four, it’s been a struggle not to burnout. I get overwhelmed since I don’t know when to quit. I recently started meditating (5 days in a row now) and that mental break has really helped me.

    1. Ruthie thanks for sharing, the over doing to point of burn out is a common problem with hsp’s. It comes very much from the correlation of empathy and conditioned behaviours. Glad you have started to meditate, this will help a lot, keep it up

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